VAGISAF Feminine Hygiene Wash 65ml

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  • Antiseptic & pH balance formula
  • Helps to control bad odor, irritation & itching at V-Zone.
  • Preventive role against multiple vaginal infections.
  • Anti-inflammatory role calms swelling.
  • Moisturizes & boosts skin healing.
  • Refreshes external V-Zone tissues.
  • Free from Sulfates, Parabens, and Alkaline chemicals,
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Vagisaf Feminine Hygiene Wash is an intimate hygiene wash meant to wash external vaginal areas. Its gentle formula aids in restoring a healthy vulvo-vaginal pH balance which offers relief from perineal discomforts including bad odor, itching, and burning. This Female Wash is a safe and effective gentle antiseptic formulation for female external vulvo-vaginal cleansing developed by gynecologists. Also, Vagisaf Female Hygiene Wash offers a natural pH balance along with skin healing and moisturizing properties.

Vagisaf Feminine Hygiene Wash is a unique formula of Lactic Acid, which is antiseptic and helps restore the natural pH level of the vulvo-vagina. It helps lactobacilli to grow, restricting any risk of vaginal infections. It is enriched with anti-inflammatory, anti-irritants, and skin-healing ingredients like Aloe Vera Extract, Pro-Vitamin B5, and Vitamin B3 which have a soothing effect on the skin making Vagisaf the best natural feminine wash.


Ideal for daily use after swimming, aerobics, and other intense activities to maintain personal hygiene. Moreover, it relieves skin dryness, itching, and other bothersome symptoms that may occur during menstrual periods, menopause, post-partum, and post-hair removal.

As an adjuvant therapy, Vagisaf Feminine Hygiene Wash helps to minimize recurrence along with treatment of the following vaginal diseases:

  • Vaginitis (Vaginal inflammation)
  • Vulvitis (Inflammation of the Vulva- soft folds of skin outside the vagina)
  • Vulvar pruritus (Itching of Vulva)
  • Vaginal Thrush (Skin outside vagina gets red or cracked, also thick white vaginal discharge)


Vagisaf feminine wash is recommended for use by women aged 12 or more (after puberty).


1. Lactic Acid

In Vagisaf intimate wash, lactic acid plays an antimicrobial role that helps to inactivate disease-causing bacteria. Additionally, it also helps to retain healthy acidic pH (below 4.5) with which normal flora rises in the vulvo-vaginal external area that in turn helps to bacterial vaginosis.

2. Provitamin B5 & Vitamin B3

Vagisaf intimate wash enriched with extra moisturizing vitamins helps to shield it from irritation and dryness. Furthermore, it also helps to maintain intimate skin elasticity and softness by prolonging hydration.

3. Aloe Vera

Exceptionally effective against bacterial, viral, and fungal harmful genital pathogens. In addition to this, it also moisturizes and hydrates intimate skin thus relieving skin discomfort and inflammation around the external vaginal area.


If you are planning or trying to conceive then consult your gynecologist.


  • Lactic Acid
  • Provitamin B5 & Vitamin B3
  • Aloe Vera


  1. For vaginal infections, use Vagisaf intimate wash twice a day.
  2. While for hygiene purposes, use it once a day or as directed by gynecologists.
  3. Take an appropriate quantity of Vagisaf intimate wash on wet palms and make some lather,
  4. Apply to the vulvo-vaginal area and rinse with water.


Q 1. Why is Feminine Hygiene Wash so important?

As genital organs play an important role in women’s overall health. Hence, daily cleansing of these private parts with Vagisaf Feminine Hygiene Wash plays a major role in protecting against vaginal infections and so keeps the female reproductive tract healthy.

Q 2. What is the normal Vaginal discharge and when to worry?

Every woman may experience normal vaginal discharge (a clear whitish thin, slippery, and/ or sticky odorless liquid) that keeps the vaginal area moist and wash away the impurities.

When to worry: Foul smell, burning sensation, itchiness, or change in vaginal discharge color are all indications of vaginal infection. If one or more of the above symptoms exists, then start using VagiSaf feminine hygiene wash. With its one-time use, your intimate area will start getting relief.

Q 3. How does Feminine Hygiene Wash work to protect against Vaginal infections?

The vagina is composed of a major part of beneficial bacteria that naturally lives there. The balance of the vaginal flora is very fragile and must be protected. Hence, VagiSaf feminine hygiene wash enriched with natural ingredients helps to maintain the healthy pH balance of the external vulva & vagina, therefore protecting them from vaginal infections.

Q 4. How is feminine hygiene wash different from regular soap or body wash?

Using Soap that is alkaline (pH of 7.5 to 10) results in disturbing the delicate vulva vaginal pH balance. Whereas, VagiSaf feminine hygiene wash comprises Lactic acid and other natural actives which increase the growth of lactobacilli (good bacteria) that helps to maintain healthy acidic pH of the external vulva & Vagina (pH of 3.5 to 4.5), thus preventing any risks of vaginal itchiness, dryness or infections.

Q 5. When to incorporate feminine hygiene wash for daily use?

VagiSaf feminine hygiene wash is a daily-use intimate wash product. It should be used when there is any chance of vaginal pH imbalance like during a shower, after unprotected sex, during periods, and after hair removal.

4 reviews for VAGISAF Feminine Hygiene Wash 65ml

  1. SIDRA

    ye wash behtreen hai. bs shaving k foran baad avoid krein. khushbu bhi zbrdst hai


    Mjhy doctor ny prescribe kiya is k istemal se kharish khtm hogai. infection bhi nai hua jb se use krai. bhot achi product hai.

  3. HIJAB

    I recently bought this and have fallen in love with this hygiene wash. It smells heavenly and is so gentle on skin.

  4. fernandesjoy0

    Ideal for daily use without over drying V zone. Keeps me feeling fresh and confident.

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