Best Moisturizer for the Body in Winter

Best Moisturizer for the Body in Winter

Dry skin is more common in winter in men and women as compared to other seasons. This is due to changes in temperature which cause a change in humidity in the air. Dry skin is a condition where one can feel itching, and redness cracking on the skin. Even if you have oily skin winters can make your skin dry and rough so it’s better to use the best moisturizer for the body to feel the difference.

Dehydration is the main reason for dry skin. If there is no moister on the surface it will be dehydrated, the same goes for human skin when there is no more humidity on the skin it will cause dehydration. Therefore Applying the best moisturizer for the body will help to get soothing skin with a glow.

There are many possible causes for dry skin. Some people are more likely to experience it due to the following factors:

  • Age.
  • Climate.
  • Health.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Diet.


As people get older there is a natural change in the skin. Therefore the skin gets thinner and more dehydrated. That’s why it gets affected easily. As people get older, several changes to the skin include:

  • Reduce the natural hydrating process.
  • Reduced ability to regenerate productive lipids.
  • Reduce blood flow.

So it’s better to use the best moisturizer for the body to keep yourself hydrated and to look younger.


People living in different climates face different skin issues. People living in dry areas or dry climates face more problems related to dry skin. As in a dry climate, there is less moisture in the atmosphere and less humidity in the air which eventually reduces the moister on the skin and causes dryness on the skin. so using the best moisturizer for the body will help in keeping the level of hydration in your body.


People who suffer from different skin issues previously get more affected in winter with dry skin. This is due to changes in skin structure which create an easy passage for moisture to move out of the skin.


Different lifestyles or daily routines can also affect your skin.

  • Drinking less water.
  • Taking hot showers (extra).
  • Using hard soaps and local sanitizers.
  • Passive smoking and wearing tight clothes (in some cases).


Deficiency in fatty acids (EFA) and a fat-free diet also cause dryness as fatty acids provide a moister for the skin. Similarly, excess use of alcohol and some large doses of medication can also cause dryness.

Symptoms of winter dry skin:

  • Peeling.
  • Roughness.
  • Cracks.
  • Itching.
  • Redness.

Treatment for winter dry skin:

  • Dry winter skin is not inevitable. Making some changes in your daily life routine will prevent dry skin. Some of the tips are:
  • Moisturize after taking a bath.
  • Don’t take long baths.
  • Moisturize multiple times a day.
  • Use a humidifier in the room.
  • Change up your diet.
  • Drink up.

Moisturize after taking a bath:

Any time you take a bath or face your face, you strip your skin of its natural oil. These oils help to produce a moisturized layer on the skin which prevents dehydration. That’s why it is important to use the best moisturizer for dry skin after taking a bath. The best moisturizers for the body that work particularly well include:

Don’t take long baths:

Taking long baths with hot water causes the natural oil in your skin to dissipate. If there is no protection on the skin it will eventually affect your skin. So, it’s better not to take long baths so your skin remains hydrated and moisturized. Also, use the best moisturizer for dry skin after taking a bath like

Moisturize multiple times a day:

It’s essential to moisturize your skin multiple times a day by using the best moisturizer for the body, in the morning as well as before sleeping. whenever you wash your hands or face in winter oil in the skin fades away which causes dryness. So, after every wash uses a moisturizer. Also use night creams before sleep, as sleeping dehydrates your skin so, it’s better to apply it before sleeping on your whole body.

Use a humidifier in the room:

The humidifier helps to regain the humidity in the air around you. This can be especially helpful when indoor heating is cranked up in winter. Having moister in the air will not allow dryness on your exposed skin.

Change up your diet:

Fats have a direct connection with the gut and skin so intake of fats may help with the dryness of your skin. Intake of water in winter is also important. Many people take less water due to cold weather in winter which causes dehydration (the major cause of dry skin). Taking fats in your diet is important for the skin.

Drink up:

As mentioned in the diet, it’s important to drink more water. Don’t allow your body to get dehydrated. Ensure the water intake is sufficient and maintain the required water level in the body. With all the moisturizers, creams, and lotions, intake of water is also an essential part.

Key takeaways:

  • Dry skin is a common problem as we age.
  • Different lifestyles and environmental factors cause dry skin.
  • Using the best moisturizer for the body helps to keep your body hydrated.
  • Drinking enough water and a proper diet also affect dry skin.

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