Anti-oxidant Sunblock SPF 60 for Sun Protection

Anti-oxidant Sunblock SPF 60 for Sun Protection

Anti-oxidants are materials that protect your cells against free radicals (molecules produced when your body breaks down food). Many experts suggest that anti-oxidants play a vital role in heart disease, cancer, and depression. They also play a role in skin care products. i.e. sunblock & sunscreen.

Manufacturers also use anti-oxidants in personal care products like sunblock and sunscreen. They protect the outer layer of our skin from oxidative damage caused by free radicals and environmental aggression like UV and pollution. Moreover, their role in sunblock SPF 60 and sunscreen is to prevent sunburn by negating the free radical damage that sun direction causes. 

UV exposure from the rays can trigger free radical damage that causes skin aging, in the form of wrinkles, dark spots, and other issues. These issues occur at a deeper level which takes time to show up on your skin. Therefore, sunblock SPF 60 forms a protective layer on the skin to prevent UV rays.

Solarin-60 anti-oxidant sunblock SPF 60:

Solarin-60 is one of the best sunblock SPF 60 in Pakistan. SPF 60 suits all skin types and protects against UV rays across the range. In hot summers sunburn is a common issue. So it is important to protect your skin from harmful rays from the sun. Anti-oxidant sunblock forms a layer on your skin. This layer acts as a barrier to harmful UV rays.


Anti-oxidant sunblock SPF 60 is a mild, all-year useable sunblock. Sunblock SPF 60 protects against UVA and UVB (spectrum from at least 370nm to 280nm) that cause sunburns. It takes 20 min for naked skin to turn red when exposed to harmful sun rays, using SPF-60 sunblock prevents redness 60 times longer. The SPF 30 keeps out 97% and SPF 50 keeps out 98% of all coming UVB rays. Whereas the SPF 60 filters out about 98% of UVB rays. This may seem a little different, but if you have light-sensitive skin this extra percentage makes a difference.

Uses of Solarin-60:

  • Broad-spectrum sun protection
  • Repairs sun-damaged skin cells
  • Water-resistant, cosmetically elegant
  • Hypoallergenic and non comedogenic

Solarin anti-oxidant sunblock SPF 60 consists of:

Octyl methoxycinnamate:

It is used in sunblock SPF 60 and other cosmetics which absorb UVB rays from the sun and protect the skin. It also helps in reducing scars.

Butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane:

Also known as a UVA filter, it is a white crystalline powder that absorbs UV rays. widely used across the globe and rigorously tested for safety and efficiency.


Protects skin from harmful effects of sun rays. It also absorbs short UVB rays which cause skin aging.

Micronized Zinc Oxide:

It helps in regulating the skin’s oil production and reduces skin pores. 2 roles played in Sunblock SPF 60

  • Reflection
  • Absorb
  • Microfine Titanium Dioxide:

They are commonly used in sunblock SPF 60 which absorbs broad-spectrum ultraviolet radiation.


This ingredient is used in Solarin-60 Antioxidant Sunblock SPF 60, which acts as a moisturizer to treat minor skin irritations like skin burns and radiation therapy. 


Allantoin also acts as a moisturizer which protects your skin from UV rays and then moisturizes it.

Vitamin E & Vitamin C:

Vitamin E:

Fat-soluble (skin absorbs it well), anti-oxidant i.e., it’s a strong anti-oxidant (neutralizes free revolutionaries), guarding the collagen in our skin (so it works with sunblock to help cover photodamage to the skin. It works well with Vitamin C so if you want to apply Vitamin C under your SPF, this could work well with it. Vitamin E also works well against UVB shaft protection (so it’s good to include an SPF)

Vitamin C:

The combination of vitamin C and broad-spectrum sunscreen, which protects well against UVA rays, is more effective at neutralizing free radical damage from sun exposure than sunscreen alone.

According to this 2013 study: “Sunscreens only block 55 percent of the free radicals generated by UV exposure. To optimize UV ​​protection, it’s important to use sunscreen in combination with a topical antioxidant.10 percent vitamin C has been shown to statistically reduce UVB-induced erythema by 52 percent and sunburn cell formation by 40-60 percent. In other words, when sunscreen and vitamin C are applied together, their benefits are multiplied.

How to use:

The easiest way to improve your environmental protection use SOLARIN 60 Anti-Oxidant Sunblock daily in the morning.

  • Apply on your:
  • Face.
  • Neck.
  • Hands.

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